About LokayuktaOffice

The State of Gujarat has a 'Lok Ayukta' law on its statue book since 1986, with the intent of upholding high standards of probity and conduct in the public life of Gujarat, as well as to prevent the sullying of the waters of public life, by discouraging motivated slander, and thereby encouraging healthy, rancour free democratic environment.

The Lokayukta Office has come in existence in the State since July, 1988. It had started its functioning at Town Hall Annexe, Sector -17 , Gandhinagar as it did not have its own building. Subsequently, the present 'Lokayukta Bhavan' was built exclusively for this Office and the office started its functioning here from 19th November, 2002.

Justice D.H.Shukla 26.7.1988 - 25.7.1993
Justice I.C.BHATT 10.11.1993 - 9.11.1998
Justice S.M.SONI 25.11.1998 - 24.11.2003
Justice D.P.BUCH 11.12.2013 - 10.12.2018